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 ...Because you are one of a kind...

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Anupam (Administrator)
Anupam (Administrator)

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PostSubject: ...Because you are one of a kind...   Wed Dec 05, 2012 10:23 pm

...Because you are one of a kind...
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No, there isn't anybody who agrees with you. There isn't anyone who'd support you. Cause all they want you to be is somebody else, and everyone presses you on and on and on, until you got no choices left but to listen to them; do whatever they tell you.

Well, guess what, the life that you're living, its your life people. Your own life, not anybody else's. The things that you are ought to do, its you who decides whether you are going to do those or not. Its up to you whether you'll take air in and out of your lungs constantly. If you want, you can stop breathing, no one's gonna stop you.

Its up to you whether you'd choose the good side or the bad side. Let God punish you if you're up to no good; yes, it may be wrong, but that's what you do. No one can stop you. If you want something, you get it no matter what losses others have to bear.

We do hurt a lot of people once in every while. In fact, we too get hurt a lot when people close to us get hurt; it hurts even more when we get to know that we ourselves are the reason for their pain. So what do you do? Do you try to make amends by following their every word, and not give up? Or do you kill yourself, cause you know you can't take it anymore? Or do you just go on your usual path, hoping things will get better one day?

I say whatever you choose, its perfectly fine; whichever option you consider. Yeah, maybe some of them are wrong, most of them are wrong. Maybe even all of these are wrong, negative, will-send-you-to-hell type of stuff. But its your choice; whatever you do, its you alone who'd have to face the consequences of your actions. Maybe you'd get rewarded, maybe you'd get punished for eternity. But its still what you do. Because you are one of a kind. Even if its the whole world vs. you alone, you are still on your own side. Because its you. You stand up for yourself. what you believe in.

So what, do you think everything they teach us, should we work accordingly? Aren't we supposed to be free. should we really be dependent? Ok, maybe because of my this attitude, I'd never have the normal life; I'd probably never even get a decent job. Maybe I'd die of hunger and thirst. But its still me, and that's what I stand up for. Would anyone care if I lay in some corner, dead for days? Maybe some people would, but would that matter? I don't think so. You're supposed to take care of yourself, and for those you love. You can't really be dependent in this world, that's what I learnt after living 16 years on it.

If you want something, be someone, you believe in yourself and just go for it. You don't care if it hurts people, cause you're just going for what you want, and you know you can always make up to them later. Go for your goal in life. If you don't have a goal, you're better off dead, I honestly don't know why you're alive for. I don't care if I have to go through every single person in this world to get what I want. I can and I will get what I want. If you think you can stop me, I'd like to see you try.

Don't let anybody tell you what you are, who you are. Good bad, alive or dead, its you and there is no need for any kind of reformation.

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...Because you are one of a kind...
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