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Anupam (Administrator)
Anupam (Administrator)

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PostSubject: Negligence   Wed Dec 05, 2012 10:25 pm

VKB's Blogs

For most of us, this term is not so unusual or new. Negligence is a common factor of life. We tend to neglect stuff that comes in our no-so-important list. Likewise, we come in others' no-so-imp. lists. Its not a strange fact now-a-days that the more important you are in the social theater, the more longer your this list will be. What we don't get is that sometimes this very list makes us pay deeply cause not only it influences our actions and perspective, it also changes the type of person we are - our character - and some people can't help but sigh when they see us changing.

Nobody likes to be neglected; not by that particular source of attention they are dying to be a part of. But as we know, the struggle is never easy for everyone. A local county singer won't get enough attention if he tries stepping into Hollywood without any leads...that is a fact of life. I can also peak out of personal experience: as a kid, I never got too much attention anywhere.... and I don't really knew the reason at that time. I thought maybe it was because I was the youngest of my family, maybe I wasn't included into the smarter lot in class. But people, some things that I learned from my experiences showed me that.....let's rephrase that.......proved me that you don't let others make your decisions; that's something you've got to do yourself.

If you're good at the guitar, who said that you won't get into the spotlight if you didn't hit the big contacts? I believe that if you're good at something, if you got skills, if you have talent, you can never hide yourself.....even though you fail a million times, at last you'll always get what's best for you, what you want. It doesn't take a whole flock to nest in a single forest. If we want, we can build our nests in the best tree if we want to. What we need is the energy to get wherever that great tree is. We need determination and self-interest and most importantly, we gotta believe in ourselves. If we master these, no one can stop us from getting what we want.

I didn't knew that, not until yesterday as a matter of fact. If all you find is closed doors, then keep on looking. For each door that closes, a bigger one opens. Just make it your goal to reach to the top, where you wanna go, keep your opportunities at hand, and by day you'll know exactly what I mean here. Godspeed.

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