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 The Perfect One

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Anupam (Administrator)
Anupam (Administrator)

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PostSubject: The Perfect One   Wed Dec 05, 2012 10:27 pm

The Perfect One
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Believe it or not, almost more than 90% of adolescents turn sensitive towards their adulthood. They become more aware of commitments and relationships. And this is a favorable time when they spend most of their day thinking about that perfect someone who they'd meet and will change their lives in a great way.

Searching for a romantic partner isn't that easy to say at least. But it has become easy with the more modes of communication opening up in the modern world. Just yesterday one of my friends told me he struck his deal through Facebook. Yeah, for us shy lot, its easier to actually communicate when you know the other person can't see and judge you. But that's not really a confident step telling your crush how you feel about him/her through the internet.

See some people, especially the older generation doesn't regard these stuff as important because they think its just "a blaze of the young heart". I'll tell you how important it is....a successful personal relationship before 18 can actually expand your lifespan by 5 years. Happiness is all that matters.

It can really get hard at times, when you have to fight with your inner desires, but at the same time you can't overlook your outer image.......you just don't have the courage. It gets hard especially for boys because most cases of 'sudden courage' leads to people regarding them as perverts, which is really troublesome.

I knew this guy who really had a type of show-off lifestyle. He told me that he won't try his luck on finding true love because he was called a pervert since he was 11. Although I knew he had the thing in him which could have made in successful in this subject.

My estimations are that in the future, those things, if they continue like they are doing today, will slowly, but steadily continue to die down. Try asking my geek friends, they'll tell you: "I don't want a girlfriend, I've always got technology by my side". I really don't like the fact that this could be true for millions of teenagers tomorrow.

And mainly in the country where I live in. I looked up the recent registers, or what you call them. Marriage rates fall slowly but steadily every year. So people are actually getting scared of commitment or what? Or do we have a scarcity of hearts here? We need something which can bring out our inner selfs.

So I say love and be loved by all, and also by that someone. Maybe this is not really a fact but the more you love, the younger you grow and the better person you become. Love and peace.


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The Perfect One
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